NYC - Olympic Pita with the Gold

Scheduling the first leg of my trip with a flight out of JFK was the best idea because 1) it was MUCH cheaper, and 2) I had a decently long layover and hopped on the subway from the airport and got into Penn Station in the afternoon with an empty stomach and in serious need of a meal. Michelle and I roamed around Midtown with different ideas of food in mind. She wanted a classically loaded New York bagel, and I think you can guess what I had in mind. It took a bit of convincing, but once we stumbled upon Olympic Pita on 38th between 5th and 6th, we both knew that the first of many falafel meals of the summer would begin here.

The restaurant was pretty empty, granted that it was only 4:30 in the afternoon on a Wednesday. We soon discovered that it was an Israeli influenced restaurant, and instead of playing traditional ethnic music, the top 40 countdown graced our ears and created a fun atmosphere only enjoyed by the two of us.

On to more important material...the menu encompassed all kinds of authentic Israeli/Middle Eastern chicken, beef, and steaks, but we skipped right to the falafel hummus plate on the menu. The waitress said that this would include 5 falafels over a plate of hummus, with pita bread on the side. I was really digging this, and Michelle suggested that we get a couple sides as well...the more the merrier! We chose a beet salad, tabbouleh, and roasted eggplant.

The results: this was hands down some of the best falafel that I've ever put in my mouth...seriously ever. It was perfectly crispy on the outside, and soft and fresh on the inside. The perfect amount of garlic and parsley...we were seriously in love. Olympic Pita, you came in SO clutch and have set the bar so high and we don't even leave the country for another hour. The rest meal was fantastic as well - pita was warm, eggplant on point, can't go wrong in that department. The value was very good being located in Manhattan and for sure somewhere I'd return to and recommend to all other falafel connoisseurs out there. Day 1: check. The rest of the trip: TBD.