#1 - Chicago, IL

I thought it would be appropriate to kick off this podcast with the place that I personally love and call home: Chicago! Being born and raised just a few minutes north of the city in Evanston, I experienced the city first hand growing up by constantly going to Cubs games at Wrigley, begging my parents to take me to all of the fun museums, and walking up and down Michigan Ave any time of the year. Now living in Lincoln Park just a couple miles north of the city center, I love experiencing everything that the city has to offer. 

With a population of 2.7 million people, the third largest city in the US, Chicago boasts world-class architecture, beautiful parks and trails that run along Lake Michigan, a die-hard sports fan base, unique arts, comedy, and music, as well as an endless restaurant and bar scene. I've lived here my whole life and I still have yet to run out of new activities to get into in this ever-evolving city.

This episode features conversations that I had with two good friends who are not from Chicago but moved here after school for job opportunities and how they transitioned to the big city. I hope our passion for Chi-Town rubs off on you in some way or another - enjoy!