#8 - Provence region, France

Provence in southern France...what can I say - STUNNING! I'm so thankful that I got an opportunity to go down here. This was my third stop in France after being in Bordeaux (wine country!) for a few days. My German friend who I mentioned in the Paris episode, Sarah, has a family summer home in the Provence region of southern France. This region is best known for having gorgeous weather year round, a beautiful mountainous landscape, fresh air, and it's a vacation home destination for people from all over the world. I stayed here for four days and had the most relaxing time spent reading on the patio, cooking meals, going on runs through the stunning landscape, and exploring the small villages that encompass the Provence region.

Coming to Sarah's home really came at the right time in my trip. I was beginning to feel a bit burned out from the heavy travel, being in big bustling cities, and not having too much quiet time. Her grandparents were so welcoming and provided the best hospitality. I was finally able to relax in a very quiet place for a while and it really felt like home from the moment I arrived.

I spoke with Sarah, of course, for this episode, and got her take on coming to Provence to visit the house every summer. She has a huge family and extended family, so the house is a connecting factor that brings everyone together. It's so special that they can all share such a beautiful home in one of the most beautiful places and come and go when they have time. She is taking a long break this year and will be staying in Provence for about 5 months, and I was her first visiter! I also spoke with her grandmother who owns the house. She inherited the home from her mother and has fixed it up over the years, and wow, what a fantastic job she has done. She is one of the most well traveled and well read people I've ever met and continues to have such a young, vibrant spirit. I thank them both so much again for hosting me and sharing a piece of where they call home with me.