First Dinner in Jaipur

India is a whole new world. I'm in love with the people and the culture so far and it will only get better from here. The streets are zoos both literally and figuratively...but I'm not kidding, there are cows, goats, and camels actually roaming the streets with no intentions except to not get hit by the crazy motorcyclists. Traffic laws don't exist and it's really just a free for all - I love it. Michelle and I had a very long couple days in transit (all made better by our food crawl in the Dubai airport). Jaipur is the first stop and there's a beautiful restaurant in our hotel where we had our first dinner. Since about half of the people in India are vegetarian, I knew that coming here would be my version of Mecca. I normally never have to look at a menu for more than a few minutes because of limited vegetarian/vegan options, but I seriously spent 10 minutes devouring over the details of every single option on this menu. I don't think I'll ever leave here.

Naturally, there was falafel on the menu. The dish was titled "Lebanese Mezze Experience." Mezze is a small portion of several dishes all surrounded by the grain. In this case, the menu said it was hummus, baba ganoush, and tabbouleh with the falafel and pita. If food is labeled as "experience" on the menu, then I'm pretty sure it's a given that it'll be in my mouth at some point.

The consensus: seriously so good. This has been the best international falafel I've had this summer so far. Very fresh and soft on the inside with lots of spices added to the mix. I obviously loved it with the hummus as well. The atmosphere was great too, food service in India is unreal. I feel way too pampered because there are always at least 3 people waiting on us and constantly check in to make sure that we have everything we need. Needless to say, the Lebanese Mezze Experience was quite the experience and this had to be the most satisfying meal after 2 days in transit. More to come...