#5 - Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway - you were a STUNNER! Bergen is the second largest city in Norway after the capital, Oslo, and it did not disappoint. It is known to be the gateway into the fjords and where people begin their hiking, camping, and outdoor journeys throughout Norway. The town itself reminded me of a colorful and vibrant ski-town which was so refreshing. It's famous for the colored homes that line the harbor and mountains, as well as the massive ships in the harbor, great food, and quaintness. I was there for a total of four days during Easter weekend, so it was a little dead, but I still managed to get some great activities in. I hiked to the top lookout point, Floyen Mountain, overlooking all of Bergen and the harbor, and then hiked even further up the mountains on a few trails over the course of an afternoon...so gorgeous! On another day, I took a cruise through the fjords and it was just another one of those days that will seriously top the birth of my children ;) the water was so still and the reflections of the fjords looked absolutely insane and picturesque. Other than the outdoor activities, I had a few amazing meals in the city center, strolled around, and hung out in cafes the whole time. I can't recommend this town enough!

It was quite difficult to get locals to interview for the show since everything was closed down for Easter, and all locals were out of town. I did manage to have a conversation with Suzelle who works at a lovely cafe I spent some time in. She moved to Bergen decades ago with her husband and couldn't stop raving about it! I'm so glad I got her perspective on this cute town. I also had a few brief conversations with some fellow travelers in my hostel who were also coming through Bergen for the mountains and outdoor culture.

Bergen has so much to offer and I definitely know I will be back there - in the summer next time! Hope you all enjoy this one!