#4 - Copenhagen, Denmark

This episode of the pod will focus on one of the coolest and funkiest cities I've been to - Copenhagen! This was actually my second time in Copenhagen, and marking the first stop on a 6 week backpacking trip to visit family and friends in Europe before starting Birthright Armenia in May. My cousin Mikael from LA is living in Copenhagen for 6 months for an internship with the UN (casual) and I crashed with him for a few days and he showed me everything I missed the last time I visited Copenhagen.

Mikael and I absolutely killed it in the city - we hit a few museums, walked through the royal grounds and parks, Nyhavn, Christiana, had a night out with his co-workers, went to an improv show, ate some amazing food, and so much more. Copenhagen rocks, and I'm so glad that I got to experience it in the eyes of a local this time. 

For Denmark as a whole hailing as the happiest country on earth, Copenhagen is a place to experience great art, music, culture, and people with any interests and backgrounds will absolutely find their niche. My conversations feature Mikael who gave me a whole rundown of his time in Copenhagen thus far, and I also spoke with Carl who works at a cafe next door to Mikael's apartment. I highly recommend traveling here at some point to experience a bit of Scandanavian culture - enjoy this one!