#10 - Milan, Italy

Milan, you will always have my heart. It wouldn't be a trip in Europe if I didn't stop over to Milan to hang out with my mom's Italian side for a while. Every time I'm in Milano, I love it even more and discover new hidden gems in the city. Catching up with all of my cousins, aunts, and uncles is extremely special any time I'm in Italy, or when they're in the US, because the families have been separated for three generations now as a result of WWII. They always do such an amazing job when I visit by cooking, taking me to different places around Milano, and making sure that I see all of the relatives while I'm in town. I'm forever indebted to them :)

A rundown of a few things I did in Milano: visited the Monza Speedway racetrack again, went to another appreitivo dinner with about 14 other cousins, celebrated my cousin Antonella's birthday with the entire family, watched my cousin Marco's show at a local pub and hung out with all of his friends, visited the Duomo, Galleria, Monumentale, Collone di San Lorenzo, Montevecchia, countless other neighborhoods in the city of Milan, I went up to Lugano, Switzerland for a few hours to explore, went up to Lago di Como again to hang out for an afternoon (one of my FAVE places on the planet!), and I also took a couple day side trip alone to Genova on the coast and also did a day in Cinque Terre where I did some amazing hiking and exploring the five cities within the park.

This episode features interviews with my awesome cousin Marco who I've always been so close with. He is one of the most hard-working, down to earth, cool people ever and every time we're together I just have the best time. He lives in a city outside of Milan called Monza with my aunt and uncle and commutes to work in Switzerland every day. He knows Monza and Milano inside and out and always takes me to such cool places with his friends (who I've become close with over the last few years as well!). He's hilarious, so I think you all will enjoy hearing him. I also thought it would be fun to interview my great uncle Franco who is going on 90 years old, and have Marco translate for us. My Italian side is originally from the south of Italy in Calabria, which is where Zio Franco is from, but he moved to Milano long ago for work and that's where all the family is today. His positive perspective on life is contagious, and he tells the most beautiful stories about my family and the past. I learn more every time I see him, and it's important to keep all of these stories alive and passed down. 

I love you, Milano! Enjoy!