#11 - Linz, Austria

This episode taking place in Linz, Austria is my all-encompassing episode to Austria as I only did one interview in the matter of 13 days there - my bad. I was a bit distracted with the bazillion fun activities in Austria, beautiful scenery, and amazing company the whole time. I spent a few days in Linz with my good friend Spencer who I've known since we were little in Sunday School together :) she became fascinated with the German language and German culture at an early age and did a couple of exchange programs there early on, studied abroad for a semester in Vienna, did her honor's thesis in Berlin, and is now in Linz teaching English on a Fullbright scholarship. 

I loved Linz because it was small and definitely off the beaten path in terms of tourism, yet it was still a large city with plenty to do. Spencer took me to some of her favorite cafes, bakeries, cooked a few meals together, and we really just chilled and caught up. Hearing her perspective on living and working in Austria was so insightful as you'll hear in this episode. 

All in all, I looooved Linz and Austria as a whole. This wraps up my pre-Armenia backpacking trip, so stay tuned for the next destination ;) enjoy!