#12 - Armenia: Part I

Apologies for the brief hiatus, but today marks week 7 of being in HAYASTAN! Since I will be in Armenia for a while, I'll be producing multiple episodes here so that you can get a real flavor for the culture, lifestyle, the land, and hearing thoughts from people from all over. I also want to be sure that I'm expressing as many opinions as possible - I will always have a local Hayastanci on the show, as well as someone from the diaspora here for volunteer work or expating. There is so much to say about Armenia so far and I hope I'm giving you a good flavor of my time here so far.

It was definitely a slow and a bit rough transition coming here - I had such an amazing time backpacking before arriving that I wasn't sure what to expect once getting here. I didn't read or do much research beforehand because I wanted to come with a completely open mind and soak in everything like a sponge, and wow it's been crazy so far! I lived with my host family for about 3 weeks and then decided to get an apartment with a friend I met here in the city center, I'm taking Armenian language classes (finally!), I've been on excursions all around the country every weekend, and I love the work that i'm doing with the software company I was placed at.

While it was a rocky transition to really assimilate into the culture here, there's definitely pros and cons about living in Yerevan, just as there is in any place. Take a listen to my thoughts and the following interviews to here more! Enjoy Part I!!!!