#13 - Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia...my gosh what a gem! Living in Yerevan is a super easy trip to get up to Tbilisi, the capital of Gerogia, so lots of my friends have done the trip a few times to get a change of scenery.

This is actually the beginning of another 4-5 weeks of straight traveling - I decided to finish the Birthright program much earlier than expected because I was getting a bit antsy to continue to travel and see more of this region and the Middle East and cross a few places off of my bucket list. Tbilisi seemed like a beautiful place to start.

I think I was moreso excited to get out of Armenia and experience a new country and culture, which is why I loved Tbilisi so much. From all of the beautiful and vibrant cafes and restaurants, to wine country, the mountains, and the coast, Georgia as a country is sooo underrated and I highly recommend adding it to your list. All of these are what I thought made it such a great place.

I spent 3 days and 3 night in the capital exploring and sight-seeing, going to cafes, eating good food, and drinking good wine. I also spent a day in a northern city called Kazbegi (just south of the Russian border) and was absolutely blown away by the mountains up there. I cannot say enough about this day.

This episode features an interview with Konstintine, the owner of the hostel I stayed at in Tbilisi. He was born and raised in Tbilisi and is a true local through and through. I hope you all enjoy this one!